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Spot Blades is a leading Damascus Hunting Knives fabricator, Manufacturers & Exporters. We deals in all type of metal / blades used in our daily life like Damascus knives, machete, daggers, pocket knife, swords and other steel versions. We are in this knives manufacturing field since 1990, with inherited experience of our elders. Whether you are looking or searching for a hunting knife or any personal / pocket knife for outdoor safety, a movie sword for a gift or machete / daggers for jungle, tracking and tackling, we handle this job.

As Damascus Hunting Knives manufacturer, we offer high quality Knives made from Damascus Steel Blades. We also design special handmade hunting knives with leather safety cases as per customer demands and requirements. Established in 1990,  we offers our skill to whole world by this online platform ( www.spotblades.com ).  As Spot Blades: we Offers you more than just an ordinary safety collectible. Our knives and swords product line cover tons of custom knives, daggers, machete, swords, fantasy collectibles and much more!

At spot blades, you use our experience to design or fabricate you dream knife or collectible movie sword or any thing related to blades. Feel Free to write us or contact us at:

Phone : +1 (404) 333-1884


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