Handmade Manufacturing of a Damascus Knife

The word Damascus come from the city of Damascus ( capital of Syria ). When the Muslim lead the words in early era, in the city of Damascus the Muslim black smiths and swords maker introduce this type of steel. This type of steel was strong and unbreakable of that time. And soon after its discovery, it was widely use in swords by the fighter due to its strength. To identify this type of steel, people call it Damascus steel. This is the birth story of Damascus steel. Now there are many variant available in market for this Damascus steel. Now the damascus knife manufacturers are making different type and quality as per their customer needs.

The name Damascus is derive from the city of Damascus ( Syria Capital), because it was the birth place of this Damascus steel. Pakistani and Japanese damascus knife manufacturers are very famous in this field.

In early era, it was made by combining steel, iron and carbon. In Modern age, it is made by welding several slices of steel combining with iron slices to make a basic billet (semi-finished product ). When the final product come, these slices appears in different pattern ( which appear on this Damascus steel).

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